Training, consultancy, auditing and translations

Professional effective solutions for your company

Our team made up of over 120 professionals delivers tailor-made solutions for all those activities requiring the use of a specific language.

We help executives and professionals improve their skills and abilities and enhance their communicative self-confidence at their workplace and their area of influence. We guarantee successful learning, combining triggering communicational methods and innovative practices

We identify job applicants’ language proficiency level and validate the progress of employees who are trained at the company as well.

We make legal and general translations of any kind, proofreading, localization, subtitling, audio transcripts and simultaneous and consecutive interpreting.

We provide companies with advice on the development and execution of language training programs. We detect their needs and audit and coordinate study programs, language courses and serviced delivered by other providers. We assess progress and validate results.

We design customized learning experiences for travelers who want to visit Buenos Aires, not as a tourist, but as an actual ‘porteño’. We inspire our clients to engage in activities of their interest.

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