Languages, communication and innovation

Effective solutions, intelligent responses and modern approaches

The broad experience of our instructors, interpreters and translators is integrated to PLS innovative culture. We mind the details and we are interested in getting clients’ and students’ feedback and suggestions in order to improve and customize our services to the greatest advantage.

Our passion: teaching to learn
Our value: a team of 120 professionals who love what we do
Our history: 35 years, 1500 students and 30 cutting edge client companies
Our capacity: : outstanding first-hand diagnosis and avant-garde design according to the student’s profile
Our secret: establishing long-term bonds
Our commitment: customized attention
Our talent: quick response
Our profile: creativity and flexibility
Our vision: to produce a change so that languages are no longer an obstacle in business communication
Our best product: corporate and business coaching
Our project: presence throughout America.

Our team

    Agueda Marshall

    Managing Director

    Mariana Marshall


    Charly Delgado

    Sales Manager

    Lorena Sanchez

    Finance & Administration Manager

    Grace Saul

    Training Manager

    Silvia Doldan

    External Auditing Manager

    Mercedes Angeleri

    Teaching Team Leader

    Valeria Scalisi

    Lead Operations Officer

    Gabriel Bauer

    Lead Logistics & Allocation Officer

    Paola Rodriguez

    Assistant Finance & Administration Department

    Federico Gutierrez

    Account Executive

    Juan Esquenazi
    Graciela Maggi
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